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The Henderson Middle School Parent-Teacher-Student Association supports HMS by serving as a forum where parents, teachers, administrators and students discuss ways to promote quality education, strive to expand the arts and sciences, encourage community involvement and work for a healthy school environment.

Students in middle school are encouraged to become involved with the PTSA to develop leadership skills, learn about the legislative process, increase self-esteem and contribute to the school. 

The HMS PTSA is a volunteer organization. We hope you will consider getting involved this year! 




The HMS PTSA is excited to honor our hard-working teachers during this special week. 

While the PTSA Hospitality Committee honors our teachers all year with smaller events, Teacher Appreciation Week is the big time to shine! The Committee is thrilled to announce all volunteer slots have been filled so we will have lots of folks ready to deliver yummy treats and meals to our deserving teachers. 

Big thanks to those who have already donated to the Teacher Appreciation Fund. If you would like to give a donation - CLICK HERE to donate to the fund!

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What if there was a simple way to start showing our kids what's right about who they are?

What if we could help our kids start learning to see and value the strengths within themselves and the people around them?

What if we could help our school community be a place where our students, staff, and families feel recognized and appreciated for their strengths?


Join us on Wednesday, May 12th at 7 p.m. on Zoom for a brief introduction to the science of character strengths. We'll talk about some fun and simple ways that we can identify and encourage the strengths in ourselves and kids. 

We will also talk about how we can start acting as "Strengthskeepers" and helping our school community become "a place of strengths" where everyone feels seen and valued. Our discussion will be facilitated by Sonya Tinsley-Hook, strengths coach and founder of the All Our Strengths project, and a former HMS parent.


DeKalb County School District (DCSD) announced their plans for students to begin returning to classrooms under Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. In Phase Two and Phase Three, cohorts of students will participate in hybrid, in-person learning based on their choice to attend school. 

Click here to view the HMS Return to School PowerPoint. 

Updates provided by HMS are below in GREEN.


Q: What are the hours?

A:School starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:50 pm. The building will open at 8:25 am (do not drop off students before 8:15 am). Dismissal will begin approximately at 3:50 pm. 

Q:  What does "hybrid learning" actually mean?

A: It means that some students in the class will be in person and some will be in the class virtually. The teacher will be at the front of the classroom, on camera, teaching all students (home and in-person) simultaneously. 

Q: Will students change classes?

A: Yes, students will changes classes. 

Q: What if a student does not have a working Chromebook or has been using a different device? 

A: Students are encouraged to bring their District-issued Chromebooks. If their Chromebook is not working, HMS has a small supply of Chromebooks but not that many. Students can bring their personal devices if they do not have a District-issued device, but HMS cannot guarantee if their person device will be compatible with their network. Trouble tickets can be submitted through the DCSD website at:

Q:  Can students bring backpacks to school if they are returning in person?

A: YES! After receiving a ton of feedback, HMS will allow backpacks. Students will need to carry their backpacks around given there will be no lockers issued. That said, students are encouraged to use a drawstring bag or small tote bag if possible. 

Q: What do students need to bring each day?

A: A face mask (highly recommend sending 1-2 extra with your student), fully charged Chromebook, Chromebook charger, filled water bottle, headphones (optional) 

Q: How will students who have not been in the building know where to go?

A: HMS teachers and staff are AMAZING at making sure everyone knows where to go and will be in the hallways making sure no one gets lost! 

Q: Are the kids going to allowed to talk?

A: They are middle schoolers and have been kept out of school for a year- of course they are going to talk! Teachers will make sure to remind students of safety protocols but these are kids. Of course they are going to talk to each other and ask questions of their teachers. They will need to be respectful of the fact there are students learning virtually and will need to be quiet during instruction to allow all students to hear their teachers. 

Q: What about bus  information?

A: Bus routes are posted on the district website ( As with any "first day" most likely some will run late and/or be delayed, so please be patient. Expect this! If any issues with the busses, please contact the school. Students are encouraged to look up and know their bus route numbers BEFPORE getting to school. Busses are dismissed in three waves at HMS and route numbers are used (not bus numbers) for dismissal. Students who need to look up their route numbers can delay dismissal. Students MUST wear a facemask on the bus.

Families can sign up for the REMIND Bus Dismissal. HMS sends a text via REMIND when each bus wave leaves HMS and again when all busses have left the campus. REMIND sign up information can be found on the PTSA website by clicking here to view the HMS Powerpoint.

Q: How will students eat breakfast and/or lunch?

A: Students will eat lunch in their classrooms. Breakfast and lunch may be picked up in the cafeteria for those who wish to get a school meal. No meals will be consumed in the cafeteria - only in classroom. Breakfast and lunches are pre-packaged. Students eating breakfast can pick it up on the way to their classes in the morning. Teachers will bring students to the cafeteria to pick up their lunch. Lunches are FREE! 

Q: Can students bring a water bottle?

A: Yes! This is highly encouraged as water fountains will be turned off for safety. The school will have extra bottled water to provide students during the day if needed. Each teacher has a case of bottled water in their classrooms at all times.

Q: What about lockers?

A: No lockers will be issued to students this year. (We all know a few of them left lunches in their lockers last March and folks didn't come back into the building until last month - try and get that image out of your head!) 

Q: Late Check In and Early Check Out

A: The attendance office has new policies regarding late arrivals and early departures. Please click here to read more in the HMS Powerpoint. Additionally, once students leave for the day, they should not return to HMS but are dismissed for the remainder of the school day. 

Q: What else should I know?

A: Make sure HMS has your current email on file - email the school registrar, Karon Swint at

Having your email on file will put you on the school messenger list so you can get timely updates from HMS. 

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Having Chromebook Issues?

You can visit the IT Center between
8 am-2 pm (Monday-Friday). 


William Bryant IT Center
2652 Lawrenceville Highway
Decatur, GA 30033


No appointment needed.
Pull up to front and security will meet you at the door.
Just let them know your device needs service. 



2020-2021 HMS Calendar

On July 24th, 2020, the DeKalb County School Board approved a revised calendar for the 2020-2021 School Year.  CLICK HERE to download the updated calendar.  Students will begin school on August 17th with online virtual lessons.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.  

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By joining the PTSA, you help us meet our school's needs that are outside the scope of their budget. You also get access to our online Directory with an app for your smartphone. 

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