Open House and Registration Day (Sneak Peek) – how it works

(information is subject to change)

The Open House and Registration Day is typically the Wednesday before school starts. Please check back in late July to confirm.


At HMS, registration is usually from the morning to early afternoon, and different times are set aside for different grades. You can attend at a different time than assigned but you may not meet the teachers then.


What to do:

  1. Preparation: Sign up for PTSA online and purchase your child’s agenda (a planner book with a calendar that all students need) online.
  2. Come to Henderson on the day of Open House!
  3. First step:  (probably in the cafeteria, subject to change): Bring your proof of residence to confirm registration. This is for returning students as well.  Utility bill (gas, electric, water), lease, mortgage contract are accepted. Phone bill is insufficient!   
  4. Second step (probably in the gym, subject to change):
    • Find your child’s team number and home room teacher posted on the wall. Organized by grade level. The room number is on the paper as well. Note for those new to DCSD: Enrolment in the system needs to be completed by the Friday before Open House in order for HMS staff to assign a team and home room teacher by Open House. If not, your child needs to check in the front office on the first day to see to which team they belong.
    • Join the PTSA
    • Purchase Spirit Wear (clothing and accessories with the school logo)
    • Learn about opportunities to volunteer
    • Sign up for clubs (this is interest only, your child is not committed to attending)
    • Purchase an agenda or fetch your agenda if you ordered online
    • Cash, check, or credit cards are accepted
  5. Third step – find the homeroom and meet the teachers
    • Ask the teacher about the supplies they want your child to have, they have lists. Note that your child should not bring them the first day. A notebook and pencil only until they are assigned lockers (usually about the middle of the week).
    • Schedules are usually not ready because many new students still register that week and final order of classes can’t be determined until most students are in the system. Your child will receive their schedule once school starts. Do check the schedule, errors can happen.
    • Walk with your child to all the classrooms including special rooms like Chorus, Orchestra, etc. 
  6. Last step – get ready for the first day!
    • Send your child with a notebook and some pencils only. No book bags until lockers are assigned
    • Sign up to pre-pay school lunch at Information on the nutrition program is also here
    • Transportation: There are benefits to letting your child take the bus early on so that the driver learns who is on their route. Traffic around the school in the beginning of the year is often a mess. Please note that buses do tend to run late until a routine is established. If you decide to drive, read the drop-off procedures!



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